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Before You Book

Our treks aren't for everyone.

In our experience, some people overestimate their ability to endure life in the Tibetan highlands. Past expeditions have been joined mid-route by ad hoc adherents, mostly journalists, who promised to keep up. Many dropped out after only a day or two.

Once a Red Rock trek commences, dropping out isn't an option. Only illness or injury will turn us back. So before you book, give some thought to your past experience and current physical condition.

Better still, write to us and we'll have a chat about what you're looking for:

Also, please read the Terms & Conditions before you proceed


Everyone must provide proof of adequate medical insurance before joining a Red Rock event.

Book Now: Email and include the name, age and citizenship of all the people to be included in the booking. We'll email you back with an invoice and payment instructions and then, once payment has been confirmed, with a booking confirmation.