Shangri-la Wildflower Hike, June 2014

TweetYang Xiao and a group of friends took off for a few days in the mountains southeast of Shangri-la. This is almost the peak time for wildflowers, and so although the weather wasn’t perfect they saw some wonderful sights. Dani from the lovely Maison Suzanne guesthouse in Dali was part of the team, and he [...]


Shangri-la to Dali in 16 Days

TweetUp to now we’ve concentrated on making our journeys single, connected hikes – insofar as that’s possible while avoiding lengthy stretches of unpleasant road-walking. This October, however, we tried something different by walking only what we think of as the best hiking trails in between Shangri-la and Dali, and driving the bits in between. That [...]


Shangri-la – Mt. Tianbao Circuit (gallery)

TweetThis trip saw us accompany two families on an attempt to hike from the far side of Mt. Tianbao all the way to Shangri-la. We’ve tried this a number of times and never got all the way to town, and this was no exception. The time was late July, and so for one thing we [...]


Kublai Khan’s March South

TweetIn reverse direction, Yang Xiao and Climb Dali‘s Adam Kritzer recently retraced part of the Great Khan’s march to the Jinsha River. A fascinating slice of history and a terrific hike, as you’ll see from the pix below…

I don’t have my library to hand, so I hope I have remembered this correctly. The future Great [...]


Mt. Tianbao July 2012

TweetYang Xiao was out and about in the Tianbao range, just south of Shangri-la, during the last days of June/first days of July. It’s not the most favourable time of year for weather, but you have to be prepared for a bit of rain to see the best of the region’s wildflowers. As this is [...]


Balagezong Caravan Trek

TweetYang Xiao recently accompanied a Tibetan mule team into the Balagezong area on the border of Yunnan with Sichuan. He sent these pix straight after returning to Shangri-la.

The caravan consisted of 11 horses and mules, whose main task was hauling gear for a film crew shooting a promo video for Balagezong.

Yang Xiao got to tag along [...]


Shangri-la Exploratory Hike Oct 2011

TweetYang Xiao has been making the most of the last days of autumn, exploring some new routes close to the border between Yunnan and Sichuan. He  sent these pix from a six-day hike northwest of Zhongdian. YX reckons this is a relatively accessible route: although it reaches 4,000+ meters above sea level, the gradients are not [...]