Shangri-la Wildflower Hike, June 2014

TweetYang Xiao and a group of friends took off for a few days in the mountains southeast of Shangri-la. This is almost the peak time for wildflowers, and so although the weather wasn’t perfect they saw some wonderful sights. Dani from the lovely Maison Suzanne guesthouse in Dali was part of the team, and he [...]


Autumn Wildflowers in Yunnan

TweetDuring the National Day hike between Dali and Shaxi we saw an enormous number of wildflowers: far more than I expected at this time of year. Most were small and many evidently of no interest to the editors of my Yunnan flower books, as I’ve been unable to identify some of the ones pictured below. [...]


More Flowers of Mt. Gawagapu, August 2012

TweetThese all come from Yang Xiao’s 6-day trek to find Chugan Lake, the largest of the alpine lakes around Mt. Gawagapu. As ever, there are quite a few I’ve been unable to identify…

I wanted to say this was a Nomocharis basilissa, but I think it’s just a paler version of the forrestii pictured below.

Botanist Robbie [...]


Flowers of Mt. Gawagapu, August 2012

TweetBefore I get on with what’s likely to be an epic blog about our latest expedition to the Gaoligongshan range, I thought I’d first share a few of the wildflowers we saw on that trip. We were a bit late for the best of them, but still found several we’d never seen before. As ever, [...]