Shangri-la Wildflower Hike, June 2014

TweetYang Xiao and a group of friends took off for a few days in the mountains southeast of Shangri-la. This is almost the peak time for wildflowers, and so although the weather wasn’t perfect they saw some wonderful sights. Dani from the lovely Maison Suzanne guesthouse in Dali was part of the team, and he [...]


Lijiang to Dali, Spring 2014

TweetThis is probably our most familiar trek and Red Rock regulars will have seen reports from previous outings. Below is a gallery of this year’s spring event…

This was a new section, however, which connected to a short stretch of stone paved road – the only one we’ve found in between Lijiang and Jianchuan.

Tweet [...]


The Bibbulmun Track – Albany to Denmark

TweetAt long last I have time to upload a few photos and perhaps also some words to recall the wonderful trip we took last September-October along the southernmost section of the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia. This was by way of a follow-up to the Workshop at the University of Western Australia that I mentioned [...]


Shangri-la to Dali in 16 Days

TweetUp to now we’ve concentrated on making our journeys single, connected hikes – insofar as that’s possible while avoiding lengthy stretches of unpleasant road-walking. This October, however, we tried something different by walking only what we think of as the best hiking trails in between Shangri-la and Dali, and driving the bits in between. That [...]


Shangri-la – Mt. Tianbao Circuit (gallery)

TweetThis trip saw us accompany two families on an attempt to hike from the far side of Mt. Tianbao all the way to Shangri-la. We’ve tried this a number of times and never got all the way to town, and this was no exception. The time was late July, and so for one thing we [...]


The Long March on the Tea Horse Trail

TweetQuite by chance I met some people from the Cultural Bureau in Xiangyun County early in 2013. We were chatting about the caravan trail in that county, and particularly the uniquely well-preserved caravan town at Yunnanyi. Someone wondered if I knew that Yunnanyi was also notable because the Red Army passed through it during the [...]


Tea Trail Lijiang to Dali, April 2013

TweetThis year’s first major group hike took us along the Tea and Horse Trail between Lijiang and Dali. The hiking section covered 11 days and approx 180 km.

This is part of the true caravan trail between Jianchuan and Lashi Lake. At more than 10 km it’s one of the longest sections anywhere in Yunnan, preserved [...]


Shaxi to Xizhou, October 2012

TweetWe made two late excursions onto the Tea Horse Trail between Shaxi and Xizhou, both of which culminated in a crossing of Mt. Cangshan. I’ve combined the pictures from both trips into this one blog. As ever, click on any photo to open the full gallery…

These journeys both took place unusually late in the year, [...]


2012 Mule Prize Gallery

TweetThe entries for the inaugural Mule Photography Prize are all in. This is just a bit of fun, whereby we invited everyone who came trekking with us in 2012 to send in their best mule-related shots. Feel free to vote for your favourite; I’ll announce the winner in the new year, by which time I’ll [...]


Dali to Shaxi Tea Horse Trail

TweetDuring the National Day holidays in the first week of October we were joined by a small Sino-Australian group for a 5-day excursion along the Tea Trail between Dali and Shaxi. Fortune smiled upon us. The weather was fine, as was the food and wine. Scroll down for several pictures and unusually few words…

Our route [...]