Shangri-la to Dali in 16 Days

TweetUp to now we’ve concentrated on making our journeys single, connected hikes – insofar as that’s possible while avoiding lengthy stretches of unpleasant road-walking. This October, however, we tried something different by walking only what we think of as the best hiking trails in between Shangri-la and Dali, and driving the bits in between. That [...]


Shangri-la – Mt. Tianbao Circuit (gallery)

TweetThis trip saw us accompany two families on an attempt to hike from the far side of Mt. Tianbao all the way to Shangri-la. We’ve tried this a number of times and never got all the way to town, and this was no exception. The time was late July, and so for one thing we [...]


Tea Trail Lijiang to Dali, April 2013

TweetThis year’s first major group hike took us along the Tea and Horse Trail between Lijiang and Dali. The hiking section covered 11 days and approx 180 km.

This is part of the true caravan trail between Jianchuan and Lashi Lake. At more than 10 km it’s one of the longest sections anywhere in Yunnan, preserved [...]


Shaxi: Caravan Town

TweetThis old market town was relatively isolated until recently, when a sealed road from Jianchuan was completed. Shaxi lay on the main caravan route from Dali to Lijiang; roads also led west from here to the Mekong, Salween and beyond to Burma. Yang Xiao spent several weeks in spring exploring the trails around Shaxi; our most [...]


Cormorant Fishing on Erhai

TweetHaving finished the hard work on the Three Rivers Expedition, Alex Kotov takes fishing tips from a new friend on Erhai Lake.

A handful of fishermen on Erhai still keep cormorants to help them with their work. For Mr Yang Yingzhu, the birds also double as tourist attractions. Future visitors to Dali can call Mr Yang on: [...]