These all come from Yang Xiao’s 6-day trek to find Chugan Lake, the largest of the alpine lakes around Mt. Gawagapu. As ever, there are quite a few I’ve been unable to identify…

I wanted to say this was a Nomocharis basilissa, but I think it’s just a paler version of the forrestii pictured below.

Botanist Robbie Hart, who works in Lijiang, tells me this is a Bergenia purpurescens. He writes: “I like [this] both because around here it tends to grow in lovely moss-bedded high-altitude rhododendron forest (though in Baima I’ve seen in it about 4800 m in sheltered places), and because it’s an important medicinal, one of a handful that are very popular for Naxi farmers to collect and replant down in their home gardens.”

Robbie reckons this is a species of Polygonum.

This is a Gaultheria.